Tether android to mac os x

How to share Wi-Fi from Mac to iPhone

In this list, you should be able to find your smartphone. If not, just double-click the connection to establish contact with your phone.

Tethering your Android device’s internet connection with an Mac Computer.

Read More or proxies, but most users should be all set up at this point. You have nothing to keep you back from tethering your socks off now.

  • How to Configure Android USB Tethering on Mac.
  • Create Hotspot!
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Don't use third party apps.. I was looking for the same I connected my Mac I love it when things work correctly the first time with no hidden tricks, and this fit the bill.

Almost TOO easy to use! It keeps saying bill of materials not found Sign Up.

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PdaNet Desktop for Mac

Works on Note 2. Does it work with Sprint? Hope so If you are using El Capitan and its not working for you try this pre-release: nyus.

Jammer doesn't work. I'm using El Capitan and installed that version.

How to share Wi-Fi from Mac

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Next, configure the Mac

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How to tether android phone wirelessly to a mac without applications or rooting!

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  7. How to Enable Android USB Tethering on Mac OS X!
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