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Knowing that I have ten events scheduled tomorrow and the first one is at eight is partly useless information. I have come to rely on this new feature of Safari as more and more web sites have adopted it. The problem is that I am not notified at all on my iOS devices. An example of this is with the double tap to clear messages from your notifications view. There are things that each system can benefit by incorporating from the other.

BUT that is not the same as both systems should work the same. I also have an iPhone 4 running 5.

Manage Your Newsstand Subscriptions In The Mac App Store With Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]

That would be foolish since I use them for work and computing. They have lost functionality for real work. As this article alludes to, the two systems do not need to be identical , just use the best from each. If anything, the mobile side should be more like the computer side.

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I am afraid, though, that Apple is going in the opposite direction. Leaving Macs behind at college, working on mainframes at work, then getting into PCs and later Linux for a bit. Zinio is popular with lazy publishers who get it as a first install, a freebie for customers. A piece of crap that unifies access to lazy, incompetent publishers is still a piece of crap. It is also popular with libraries. Allowing for users to check out magazines from their local library.

That is one reason I still use zinio…. How to use your iPhone, iPad or Mac to borrow ebooks from the library https: Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented: This is a pretty interesting look at some of the places where gaps exist between these two parallel, but still different platforms. And in the apple support docs referenced in this article on Control Center as well… http: When iOS came out first on the iPhone and later on iPad, it was designed around the limitations of the hardware at the time. Apple really figured out how to make a mobile device work on the backs of the likes of Palm and others of course and made mobile devices that were actually useful.

Fast forward to today and Microsoft has shown with Windows 8 and Intel with baytrail that you can now run a full blown OS on a thin light mobile device. MS is thrashing around with the UI but with their now nimble rapid release cycles, they are quickly building full WIndows up on mobile and in a year or so it will have reached critical mass W8. The power is there and there is no reason the iPad cannot become your primary Mac computing device. I think you are confusing Microsoft with Apple.

Microsoft is moving more towards a Google model in that they are building up Bing which is not just a search engine but an overall data mining foundation and are laying the groundwork with Azure and their cloud infrastructure to not need to make profits directly from sales of Windows or even Windows devices.

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MS is in many segments and can absorb their own losses while they build up their segments. They made their first release of QuickTime for Windows in November By the end of , Intel and Microsoft had combined their efforts to improve Video for Windows by creating a joint technology called Display Control Interface that was included in version 1.

Mavericks has got to deliver on Newsstand I'll be devasted if this isint covered off as would many of us with multiple subs to magazines.

Nov 8, Nov 23, 7: Yes, Hussain, I agree, being able to use Newstand on my iMac would be wonderful. I guess it is a matter of time, after all, common sense has to prevail. Having iBooks now on my iMac is brilliant.

Feb 4, 7: Sep 30, 3: It is hard to believe there is still no Newsstand for Mac. I'm not going to travel with my iPad any longer since I have an iPhone 7 Plus but would still love to read all of the magazines I subscribe to. None of these are readable on an iPhone since they are all formatted for a piece of paper, so I was hoping to read them on my Mac.

Apple Yosemite vs Mavericks (10.10 vs 10.9) Mac OS X: Visual Comparison

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Mac owners adopting OS X Mavericks 3X faster than Mountain Lion

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