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Maybe I can compile the lib on a linux system and then copy the files ot osx JanC JanC 2 2 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Thank you, this is feasible but unfortunately not quite what I'm looking for. The next step is virtualizing the partitions which contain win7 and data However the data is still needed to be accessible on osx. That's all. Bart De Vos Unfortunately this does not work. DiskImageMounter just says "not recognized".

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Paragon VMDK Mounter - Overview

For mounting the VirtualBox. VDI file, I google a bit and found the way to do it. Here is a Geeky way of Mounting VirtuaBox. I carried out following steps for mounting. I have explained it with the places where I made mistakes and what I did to correct those mistakes.

First: I searched and found the VirtualBox. VDI image file, that I wanted to mount Close the virtual box.

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It cannot be done when VrrtualBox is running Find the folder where the image is stored. This is generally stored under BirtualBox folder.

How to Install MacOS High Sierra on a Windows PC with VirtualBox 💻 🛠️📀

We can find. VDI files if unable to find the folder. The image file I found was named ubuntu. I've also found that if you use Carbon Copy Cloner to block copy a bootable disk to a newly formatted disk that the newly formatted disk will be bootable, even if the source disk, which was once bootable, has had all the files deleted. I'll describe this later on.

2 - Resize the disk image using gparted

There are probably other ways to make a newly formatted disk bootable, such as using Disk Utility and ASR. You mount disks with the hdid command and must use the section flag.

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The hdid command will not mount files ending with ". The easiest workaround is to use a symlink that ends with ". OS X creates more than one partition when you format it. Your disk will have an EFI partition and it might have a Recovery partition. You can mount those on the host as well. Or you can use the mount command. If you use mount the disks will have permissions enabled.

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If you want to forbid writing, you can modify the diskutil or mount commands like this. If you want to play around with Disk Utility to see the hidden partitions you can use this command to show the Debug menu.

I didn't try formatting these disks with Disk Utility from the host. Who knows what will happen. Apple plainly says that they do "not currently use it for anything" and that they create in case they "ever need to use ESP-based drivers.

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Apple does use it to perform firmware updates. In my ESP I have these files. I don't remember running a firmware update but I probably have.