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Now type in the following commands into Terminal, in the exact order they are shown: So, what do these commands do? The first command turns spotlight off The second command turns spotlight back on The final command restarts the spotlight index. If, after a few minutes, spotlight is still not indexing, try running this command, followed by the three commands above: Yes I have resolved the problem, thanks.

Title Mr Mrs Miss Ms. It's covered by AppleCare Protection Plan It's less than one year old It's out of warranty It was accidentally damaged It was damaged in an accident but is insured I don't know. Read Terms. Outsourcing Part 2: So it's a good idea to have at least 3GB of free space immediately after booting. To fix: And try to create fewer swapfiles by adding more RAM or running fewer applications simultaneously. Restarting will temporarily get rid of all swapfiles, but they'll come back. See if this cures the problem. If this makes the problem go away, it means the cause is in your user account.

While it's good that we know approximately where the problem is, unfortunately there's a lot of stuff in the user account to pick through. And now you will have to do some serious troubleshooting. If you can pinpoint that one bad file, you're done. If you have no idea what's going on you can try the laborious process of keeping that new account you made, and bringing over the files one by one until you find the one that was the problem.

Even easier is to ask an expert if it's a frequently seen problem, first letting them know that it was a problem in your user account.

1. Disk Utility

They're great, and they're pretty well programmed, but they're hacking the system in non-standard ways. Unsanity claims that APE will be disabled by holding down the shift key while logging in. However, if you want to be ultra-safe about it, download the APE installer from Unsanity and use the 'uninstaller' option to remove all traces.

If this makes the problem disappear, then it is a problem with Extensions or StartupItems. And most likely, those would be 3rd party Extensions or StartupItems. Move those items to the desktop, and see if you can isolate which one was causing the trouble. Use common sense, and ask the experts.

Repairing Disk Permissions in Mac OS X Sierra, El Capitan and Yosemite

Things like the boot rom, power management, etc. To do this hold down the following buttons on your keyboard at boot up: Once in open firmware type these commands: If this makes the problem go away, then you have a bad external device, bad cable, or bad port on your computer. Try to isolate which one it is. Be especially wary of USB hubs.

These updaters come in 2 flavors, an updater which will only update the next most recent version of the OS, and a combo updater, which will update all versions since the last paid update. You want the combo updater.

But First: Backup

It will be labeled as the combo updater, and it will be much larger than the normal updaters - around 80MB at this time. Find the updater on Apply the updater, even if your system version number is already up to date. See if you get any useful information. Unfortunately, this will wipe out all of your data, so back up first, if that's the route you go.

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If the initialization fails, your disk is worthless garbage and must be replaced. Norton Disk Doctor will also allow you to test for bad blocks without erasing your disk using the Check Media option. Other 3rd party disk utilities may allow this as well. Hearing odd noises coming from your drive is a tip-off that this may be your trouble. Contact the manufacturer to see if updated drivers are available. Go to Apple Support to find out how to do it for your particular machine. Typically this will fix issues when your system will not power on.

Make sure you only hold in the PMU button for a second.

Twenty steps to help diagnose and fix system issues - Mac OS X Hints

If you do this it could result in corrupting the PMU itself. Boot off your OS X cd and run through the install as normal. Once you get to the screen where you select which hard drive you want to put the OS on there should be an options button under the hard drive. Select it and then select the archive and reinstall button. Then proceed through the install as normal.

Repair a disk using Disk Utility on Mac

This may or may not fix your problem, and it can save you time from copying back ups back over, resetting user preferences, and reinstalling applications. It requires erasing your hard drive, so you'll have to either back up, or lose, all of your data. Apple's instructions for doing this can be found here. So try a couple of the other steps first. Call Apple Support to arrange a pickup or locate an an Apple Authorized Service Provider by clicking here for the USA; this article explains what to do in other countries.

It's perfectly safe to run Norton Utilities booted off a CD or OS 9 volume, but you should seriously consider unistalling them if you've installed them on your OS X volume. They're trouble. As of this time, anti-virus utilities are useless on OS X. There are no known system-wide viruses on OS X.

There are indeed viruses that can contaminate documents inside Microsoft Office X, but there are preferences in those applications to protect against this. Check your error logs Check your system logs to see if there is anything relevant to your problem listed there. To do so simply go to the apple menu and select about this computer.

A window will pop up displaying some basic information about your computer. Click on the more info button at the bottom of the window. It should list error messages related to each application you are having problems with. You will see the a bunch of text scroll down the screen as everything starts up.

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  6. Look for anything that gives an error message and record it. Try doing google searches, or search forums to see if the problem has already been discussed and a known fix has been established. This topic describes how to repair the disk that started up your Mac. See Verify a disk. Print this page so you can refer to it later. After your Mac restarts some Mac computers play a startup sound , press and hold the Command and R keys until the Apple logo appears, then release the keys.

    Click the First Aid button.