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Since then, Korg also a power player already in the instrument industry has released a special version that features all things Gorillaz. At first glance, this free app sounds like nothing more than a memo-taking program, but it does so much more and in no time you could soon find yourself visiting and revisiting this app as you start creating new tracks from scratch.

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Music Memos lets you record snippets of ideas for future compositions as they pop into your head. Those could be vocals, pieces of guitar, piano, or so on. From there, you can name everything, tag it, and perhaps most importantly, rate them.

That lets you immediately identify which ideas you want to focus on when you return to them later. The app also allows you to hear what your brilliant new idea might sound like with a lush orchestral backing track, perhaps a drum, or maybe even more bass. This will help you when it comes to ranking everything, and before you know it, you may have hundreds of ideas, but just a few on their way to becoming finalized songs. This app is loaded with features as are hundreds of others , but the full list of what this program offers seems to be longer than any other I noticed.

One item I found particularly interesting was the ability to search lyrics with an integration with a company called Musixmatch. The name may sound strange, but this app is also easy to add to this list, based solely on its association with another incredibly well-trafficked program.

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Propellerhead is behind Reason, which is one of the most popular music-making pieces of software in existence. In fact, a number of people have claimed this is not just the best product they have used, but also the most ambitious. There are literally no restrictions when it comes to what you can do with this app, but the phenomenal functionality does come with some downsides.

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The download comes at a hefty price and one which may scare many musicians away. One issue many of these apps have is they are complicated, and they take so long to learn where everything is that the setup time can truly be prohibitive.

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Caustic starts you out with easy-to-use presets and effects, and while those may seem basic, you can still actually do something with them or at least have a lot of fun. From there, the possibilities are endless, and while this may be the case with many an option, this one gets you to that point much faster.

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  • The app takes vocals, be they spoken, sung, or rapped, and fits them onto beats in a way a novice rapper might not be able to. Will it turn you into a chart-topping rapper?

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    • The app needed melodic input to make the autotunes sound enjoyable. With the Songify app, anyone can now transform the most mundane malarkey into a catchy song. The main goal of Khush, says Gupta is not to put pop stars out of business but to democratize music making. The free app comes with 3 default styles and the option to purchase more styles at 99 cents a pop.

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      The music Songify creates is based on the musical style the Gregory Brothers made popular with its Auto Tune the News channel and the Bed Intruder Song , which was the most-viewed YouTube video in The voice tracks of the Gregory Brothers music are based on the spoken, not sung, word, and are mapped to melodies by adjusting the pitch of the voice. The Songify app takes the same approach.

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      So to create a song, you simply press the record button and speak for between one to 60 seconds. The app analyzes your speech, segmenting it into a chorus and verses if long enough , then maps it to a melody of your choice, syncing it with the beat and adjusting the pitch of your voice. The whole song-creation process takes less than a minute.

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      You can then play back your song, save it, remap it to a different melody and share it on Facebook, Twitter or via email.