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How to Install (or Reinstall) Mac OS X Mountain Lion

If you download the file from the App Store, the installer will start immediately. Follow the prompts and be prepared to restart your computer. A downgrade is different than an upgrade. When you try to downgrade macOS, the installer may not launch right away depending on which versions of macOS you are moving between.

Creating a bootable USB or a bootable drive is not complicated. Once your drive is prepared with your bootable version of OS X, erase the unwanted version. Tab to the Erase page and name the file you want erased e. Hit Erase and quit out of Disk Utility. This will return you to the OS X Utilities selector. If you used Disk Drill for creating your bootable drive, a window will prompt your actions for using the install disk you made. Find and select your install disk with your bootable version of your preferred macOS, and click continue through to the license agreement.

Once you agree, you should be prompted by the installer. Once the installation is completed, your computer should restart. If it does not restart itself, make sure you restart it normally. The downgrade should be complete!

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So downgrade away! September 25, No big functionality updates, the focus is shifted to performance instead. A large grey Apple logo appears for the first time, replacing Happy Mac at startup. App arrivals: iChat and Address Book. Safari officially becomes the default web browser.

Long-awaited and Mac-changing. Leopard gives a spectacular leap, introducing Time Machine , Boot Camp, QuickLook, and full support for bit software.

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  5. While Leopard did a great job, Snow Leopard arrives to refine it even more. Mainly, it comes with apps rewritten in 64 bit and OpenCL. It gets easier to track app updates via the Notification Center.

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    To enable secure password encryption and storage, iCloud Keychain in introduced. A completely new sleek design is what Yosemite is remembered for. September 30, El Capitan features Split Views — dual-window functionality for arranging and managing app windows. Plus, OS X Try zeroing your drive and clean install. Yes you have to be connected to net if doing clean install.

    My only concern now is that if I have to do another clean is that the old filevault settings will remain on the recovery partition — or am I wrong? In overexcitement I immediately bought and installed Lion via AppStore. Now, I would like to do a clean install.

    Download Dia for Mac OS X now - it's free

    Is there anyway I can do that? Details here. Here's the link, if anyone's interested. I still have no use for MAS beyond getting Lion so the script, wherever it is, can stay…. Hi does that mean upgrading from OSX If i just can find any mac where i could burn the dvd, of course….

    How to Create a Mac OS X Lion Install Disk

    The best approach surely is to download Lion. Take a backup of it somewhere and then you have it. Different question: I have Snow Leopard Or perhaps remember what the tip was — i.

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    Feeling like the idiot I am…. Yes you do. In other words, will I be able to do the upgrade from the external display without a problem? Because of this, we are operating under the assumption that […]. I mean is he insane? But that being the ONLY way to get it is so ridiculous it blows my mind.

    This man keeps making people sicker on a monthly basis it seems. Now this jack off move? If Apple has any problems they have nobody but themselves to blame. What the hell am I talking about, these freaks sleep on a bed of money for their pig dogish ways. I was looking into upgrading when I found that Lion is launching next month.

    Seems like a pain in the ass. Have a friend who is downloading the file, burn a disc for you, and there you have it — your own copy of Lion….

    Does anybody know if the Lion download from the MAS is just a disk image. Can I copy this to a shared location on my network to prevent having to re-download in case I need to reinstall? I have a Mac Pro with 2 x 2. Can I smoothly run Lion? Thanks for that quick answer :- Is it also possible for my Mac Pro to run 64 bit? Mac OS X It was fast, looking good. The only thing i hope is that the new release will be an update for the existing Lion DP4 users.

    I hope when Lion will be released that Software Updater comes up with an update directly to the New Lion. It should also be noted that the so-called email reply from Steve Jobs has been proven to be a fake. You simply cannot misspell Leopard on an iPhone without intentionally doing it — the auto-correct fixes it every time. Since every new Mac computer will ship with a Lion install dvd, I think Apple should make official the possibility of burning a dvd Lion install disk in case it was bought via App Store.

    Install Java (JRE) | Mac OS 10.7 and later

    I would suspect the install Lion DVD that comes with a new computer will be for that model only. I use SuperDuper! It creates a bootable exact copy of my hard drive. Either there is a very large misunderstanding or I am living in an alternate reality :. This is great info, I think people are annoyed that Lion installs FROM Snow Leopard though, everyone seems stuck on the idea of having physical hardware to boot from.

    I highly doubt Apple will stop including recovery disks with new Mac purchases though, so I think the complaints are much to say about nothing. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Clair says:. November 29, at pm.

    Sarab says:. February 18, at am. Kh Candle says:. December 1, at pm. October 25, at pm. The all-round problem fixer for Mac.