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Note that the script needs to be run with administrator privileges, so it can write to the Windows registry. IT managers need to be careful when choosing and configuring their MAC address passthrough policy that more than one interface with the same MAC address cannot be connected to the same network at the same time. Having duplicate MAC addresses on a network will cause network issues. Configuring the Link Speed The link speed can be set Auto negotiate default , 10Mbps full duplex, Mbps full duplex or 1Gbps full duplex. Half duplex speeds are not supported. By default the VLAN tag is set to 0, which will transmit all packets priority tagged.

The VLAN tag can be between 1 and Wake on Magic Packet also needs to be enabled under the "Advanced" tab: The DisplayLink device will need to be disconnected and reconnected to the USB bus before the settings take effect. Configuring Wake on Magic Packet only To allow Wake on Magic packet only, also check the option to "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer".

Configuring Ethernet settings remotely This section is designed for IT administrators only to allow them to remotely set Ethernet parameters.

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This section should only be followed if you are an advanced user, familiar with the Windows registry. It is possible to set the Ethernet options remotely through the Windows registry on the PC. Each of the keys are the settings for a network card. This can be found under the details tab, under the Driver Key properties. In the example below, it is The parameters are held below this registry key.

The value should be between 0 and Setting 0 will disable tagging.

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  5. Disable jumbo frames on any network with DisplayLink Ethernet ports connected, otherwise problems could be found with network behaviour. Uninstalling just the Ethernet driver In a corporate environment, it might be desired that the Ethernet driver is not installed to prevent the Ethernet port of the dock being available and a security risk.

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    The Ethernet driver can be uninstalled after deploying DisplayLink software by: Running pnputil to find the inf file for the driver in the Windows driver store. Show int status err-disabled.

    How to find your mac address in windows 10 or any other OS

    Learn More! TechnologyMangu Author Commented: It does seem like a broadcast storm, but there are no logs, no errors, etc. We are convinced the docking station is the culprit, but what is perplexing us all is the fact that: 1. It happens very easily when transferring large amounts of data within seconds , and 2. It knows everyone on that Layer 2 network off the network We do not see any ports in error disable, etc.

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    The captures we're getting do not show anything out of the ordinary. We setup a test machine to ping the gateway we are on, and when the problem occurs that machine stops pinging the gateway. What we just saw during a test is that the port with the machine using the Targus SuperSpeed port replicator somehow has 2 mac addresses on it - the MAC address of the machine, or rather the port replicator's NIC card, and the MAC address of our default gateway?! Interesting, Would you be able to post the output of show mac address-table when this is happening?

    Is the port replicator creating a loop? Current configuration : bytes!

    Is the file transfer to and from a device on a different subnet? What happens if a file transfer occurs between the laptop and another device on the same X switch and both devices are in the same VLAN. We've done this with machines on the same network pointing a server on the same network, or machines on a different network pointing to the server.

    Do you have a drawing of the topology? Could you also issue the command show cdp neigh and post the output here. Sorry for my super late response here I cannot provide a drawing of the topology without sanitizing it to the point of providing th information already provided here. I can see that this is stumping us all : I'm glad in a sense that this isn't as simple as I thought it would be.

    I hope collective we can figure out what the issue is - unless the issue is entirely with the docking station Have you tested the docking station with a different PC? Could you post the config for the port that the docking station is connecting to?


    [SOLVED] USB Port replicators bypassing network switch port security - IT Security - Spiceworks

    Have you tried to increase the number of MAC addresses that the port is allowed to learn as a temporary workaround? Yes on different PC any PC connected to the same dock same result The config for the port is above in the earlier part of this thread. We've tried increasing the number of MACs, lowering them. Note that removing port security "fixes" the problem but the symptom of the port taking the gateway MAC still occurs. LVL 1. If AD policy is enforced properly this would either let the user spoof the mac temporarily and still will not give access to network data or it won't let him chenge MAC.

    This would be sutable for windows enduser laptops. I agree but it probably would help alot. Likely the bring your own isn't set up for When using MAC authentication only the user can bring in a cheap consumer grade broadband router and even have it automatically clone the MAC address, placing as many rouge systems behind it as they like that looks like a single valid MAC address.

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    Called support for the manufacturer and got run around I'm just going to suggest setting up To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.

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