Google chrome error your profile could not be opened correctly mac

Learn more. Recommended Answer. There's further documentation about using multiple profiles. For a stationary browser profile, closing the browser and restarting the computer should suffice. Thank you sramesh3 for providing those steps to resolve that.

Google Chrome: Profile could not be opened error fix

The documentation is in reference to use of different user profiles. Manage multiple users on Chrome - Google Chrome Help.

your profile could not be open correctly - chrome

Yes No. Thanks Sramesh3.

How To Fix Google Chrome “Your Profile Could Not Be Opened Correctly” Hang During Sign In Sync

Good work. This solution isn't helping. I am facing the same issue even though there is no user signed in. I need a fix for the issue for the new chrome because sign in don't have a dropdown option. This question is locked and replying has been disabled. Still have questions? Ask the Help Community.

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Why Google Chrome Won’t Open?

Correctly mark a topic or post as abuse. I do not know, but there are some answers in following link. For me I needed to start Task Manager ctrl-alt-del and then shut down the instances of chrome.

This cured it. Method 1 : Check if there is any zombie processes This is probably the most common scenario. Now check using ps if there is any chrome process still alive. A simple ps —aux grep —i chrome or ps —aux grep —i chromium should do. If there is any processes still alive kill them use kill, pkill or killall.

Make sure all chrome processes are dead and start Chrome again. If the error does not come again, great!

Else follow the other steps. Method 2 : Removing Web Data file Try this method first as this was the issue in my system. In my case this file was corrupted. I deleted this file and all worked well. Delete the file and restart Chrome.

Chrome Cleanup Tool Mac

Hopefully everything should work well. Of course, you will lose all your stored passwords and the search engines. Some times, the database might be locked and Chrome might not be able to access it. This script should work if you are in Linux. I think it should work for Mac too. His script is written for Chromium. The steps are :.

After each step, try opening Chrome to see if the error comes. If an error comes, then the latest object you copied caused the issue. Again note that you will get a profile that is very close to the previous profile but it will not have the old stored passwords or the custom search engines you had.

Thank you! BINGO, it is done and i successfully deleted the web data and the problem gone. No links or other problems were found.

How to fix a corrupt Google Chrome profile

Thanks for a great tip. God bless you. It worked. Simply closing the browser and reopening it appears to work, but as soon as I reboot, it comes back. I have done this 3 times. For me it was complicated as i had moved my data files. Simply uninstall the chrome and install it again. It is because malware from other programs that you are installing. After an extensive Google search and reading through many solutions, none worked for me until one user said to delete the AVG Toolbar program Control Panel, then Programs.

That finally solved the problem for me. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.