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How to Test Your Mac for a Hardware Problem

If you know a contemporary use for this key, let us know in the comments! Adam, uh, I don't know about Josh, but you've been around long enough to know the Classic stuff. Of course knowing and remembering are not necessarily the same thing. There's been a lot of Apple flavored water under the bridge since then. In any case, thanks for the list. I learned a few things I didn't know—or had forgotten. Not an insignificant distinction. I'll be saving the list. I've probably got a similar list somewhere, but this is an instance where duplication is a good thing.

Way too much trivia bouncing around in my head already, apparently, to remember a key combination I didn't use 15 years ago. X is also useful if you have Windows installed, holding the X key will boot MacOS, even if the default is set to your Windows partition. Maybe Unix and Linux partitions too, but I haven't tested it. If you hold down the Control key while selecting a drive in the Startup Manager it will be 'blessed' as the default startup drive. Holding the left mouse key while starting up will eject floppies and optical disks that may be in their respective drives for those of us who prefer these types of media over iClod.

Thanks for this compilation. I actually use the X and 9 modes on my old iMac. Sometimes it is refreshing to use "classic". It is so simple and straightforward it reminds me why I chose Apple years ago for all things creative. Who can remember all this stuff, or even remember where to find it? How hard would it be to have option-restart bring up a list of these options with click to do it?

How to Fix a Slow or Unresponsive Mac

This is worse than DOS ever was. Oh please. This stuff isn't for average users most of whom never used DOS, by the way, or even know what it is—or was. These shortcuts are primarily for the technically inclined who often do maintenance on their and other people's Macs, either as a volunteer helping friends or professionally. If you use these shortcuts even occasionally you will remember the most important and useful ones. And you will keep this or another list handy for reference, since nobody can remember everything.

And most of these Mac shortcuts don't require any Terminal proficiency. Though if you boot into Single User Mode the code that runs will list the fsck codes you can use just before the user prompt—in case you've forgotten them. And, even simpler, starting in Safe Mode will run fsck on your disk as well.

Just about anyone can learn to use Safe Mode, even if they don't know exactly what it does.

Take Control of your Mac's Startup Process

As for Apple getting off course, most of these shortcuts have been around for a long time in one form or another. Mac OS 7 through 9 had their own set of troubleshooting startup tools. OS X has expanded on those functions significantly. I consider these to be improvements. Oops, it ain't there. While I have many issues with the way Apple does OS X these days, startup shortcuts is not one of them.

Josh: Interesting that you use the new name for OS X in the article title, even though the release version of Sierra is not out yet and all the in-service versions of OS X still, and will forever, use the old name. Which is to say, all these startup shortcuts apply to OS X. Though they can be expected to remain usable in the macOS, we are not really there yet. While the name change will provide continuity with Apple's other operating systems, it can be expected to add only confusion to discussions of OS X maintenance and support.

That said, I suppose you are future proofing your article for people who will read it a year or two down the road, supposing Sierra doesn't change anything referenced here. We struggle with Apple's renaming issues regularly. With macOS Can we get a sticker made with this list? That way I can stick it to the back of my laptop and I'll have it when I need it.

Great list - thank you. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address. Arnie Keller. Tom A. Kevin Patfield. Exactly right. There's also a companion "9" option to force a boot into Lesson: before doing anything try this out. It could have saved me nearly a thousand dollars. They should offer you a refund for unnecessary parts — call Apple and voice your experience.

Is there another way I can check my hardware? It seems like Mac SSD drives only last about 4 or 5 years, kind of a short life. All the more reason to back them up frequently! Closing your Mac will write the contents of memory to disk every time Get the SmartSleep App to prevent this. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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